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Quapropter, si primas et secundarias et subsecundarias vulgaris Ytalie variationes calculare velimus, et in hoc minimo mundi angulo non solum ad millenam loquele variationem venire contigerit, sed etiam ad magis ultra. (De vulgari eloq. I, x, 9)

For this reason, if we wished to calculate the number of primary, and secondary, and still further subordinate varieties of the Italian vernacular, we would find that, even in this tiny corner of the world, the count would take us not only to a thousand different types of speech, but well beyond that figure.

Se volessimo calcolare tutte le varianti dei volgari italiani, le principali, le secondarie, le minori, anche solo in questo piccolissimo angolo di mondo finiremmo per contare un migliaio di varietà linguistiche, anzi, persino di più.

our philosophy (in a nutshell):

"Dialectology constitutes a privileged observation point for determining language variation, just because it studies minimally different systems. As such, it is as close as possible to a scientific experiment where variables (intended as differences in grammar) are controlled and few independent factors interfere with the study of a single grammatical property." (from Benincà & Poletto 2007. Read more...)

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