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20-21 June 2014
Sala degli Anziani, Palazzo Moroni, Padova
Via VIII Febbraio

Palazzo Moroni hosts the city hall of Padova and is located on the Liston, opposite Palazzo del Bo, the historic and central building of the University of Padua. Caffè Pedrocchi, the venue for the coffe-breaks during CIDSM 8 is just a few steps away from Palazzo Moroni.
To reach Sala degli Anziani: enter Palazzo Moroni from the main gate, climb up the great stairway in front of you and then up the short flight of stairs on your right.

Palazzo Moroni

22 June 2014
Aula M. Baratto, Ca’Foscari, -Venezia
Dorsoduro 3246

Ca’Foscari is the central building of the University of Venice and it is just a bridge away from Campo Santa Margherita.
Aula Baratto is on the second floor of Ca’Foscari, overlooking the Canal Grande. At the end of CIDSM 8, lunch will be held in the Sala Archivio, right next to Aula Baratto.

Ca' Foscari